Get to know our bands for the Friday night Streetfest lineup! Mark Farner, Jefferson Starship and Styx are classics but you may learn a few things here. Tonight at Streetfest, we have classic rockers taking the stage that are going to be bringing you some of the best songs and bringing back the great moments with their hits. There are lots of people that are excited about Friday night's Streetfest lineup and one of those people is our amazing KLAQ fan and friend, Vincent Arrieta. Vincent decided to take his excitement and love of our Streetfest concert to make this extremely helpful history of our Friday Streetfets bands. Check out the history of Mark Farner's American Band, Jefferson Starship and Dennis D Young and the music of Styx.

The El Paso Downtown Street Festival is this happening this week! Friday and Saturday you can check out great local bands with our national headliners plus food, activities, drinks and more. Tickets are $22 plus taxes and fees for General Admission and $70 plus taxes and fees at the door. You can find out more information about this year's Downtown El Paso Streetfest at the website.

Youtube User Vince Arrieta