In honor of Father’s Day this year, the BAMS is asking listeners to “Get Mad Like Dad”. We’ve got some great prizes including an entire reserved theater for a first-run movie. I’ll include the complete prize list at the end of this article.

Can you do an impersonation of your dad? Can you let us know how your dad sounded when he was angry? Leave us a message on the MoSho Neckline (844-805-6325).

We’re going to be choosing daily winners and then we’ll have the grand prize for the best call of the week on Friday.

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It’s up to you to really bring your dad’s “angry” persona to life. Did he have some “dad-isms” that would come out when he was mad? Did his voice change when he was ticked off about something? My Dad would never use curse words (Baptist deacon) but he would come up with some very colorful “alternatives” to cussing. The madder he got, the more he would sound like an old-timey prospector.

“Dadgummit! I told you to hold that pea-pickin’ light so I can see what I’m a-doin’! Pay attention, consarn it!”

If your old man DID use swear-words, do Joanna a favor and beep yourself (otherwise, she’ll spend all day editing and I won’t hear the end of it).

Each day this week we’ll pick out a favorite “Mad Like Dad” call from the Neckline (again, 844-805-6325). On Friday we’ll pick out our favorite for the week and that person will win:

  • A private theater for a first-run movie at Premiere Cinema at Bassett Place.
  • A $50 gift card for snacks at the theater.
  • A man’s watch from Johnson Jewelers.
  • A complete Auto Detailing from 360 Mobile Detailing (they’ll come to you!)
  • A night’s stay at the beautiful, historic and recently remodeled Paso Del Norte Hotel.

Daily winners will receive gift cards to Premiere Cinema, a $50 gift card to Johnson Jewelry and a complete Auto Detailing from 360 Mobile.

Don’t wait until the last minute! Sometimes these contests get SO huge we have trouble getting to all of them so the earlier you enter the better. Good luck and Happy Father’s Day!

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