'Tis the season and Emily and I are getting ready for the holidays! Well, actually, we're still dragging it a bit. We're totally not ready. We're barely trying to recover from the Thanksgiving holiday, and while I took a few days off, Emily has yet to actually take some time off for herself!

The new episode, titled "I Have a Vitamin D Deficiency," is available wherever you find podcasts, most simply it's available on Spotify. Listen in as Emily tells us about her vitamin D deficiency, and about how I fell that morning. It was a really nasty fall, my knees are in bad shape because I'm always falling.

Also in this podcast, I give a recap of what happened at Buzz's "friendsgiving" party. It was my first time at Buzz's house and it was definitely a night to remember, that I don't really remember. I mean, I remember bits and pieces of the party, I know I definitely DIDN'T steal the vodka bottle, though. It was a good party. Emily and I are also getting ready for the inevitable ghost town that will become of this office. During the holiday season, everyone starts to take their vacations, which is  totally fine and normal, but it gets eerily empty around this office. And finally, Emily gives us a recap of all the great stuff our sister station, 93.1 Kiss FM, is doing with the Khalid Foundation for this holiday season. It's all available on the new episode of "What the Buzz."

Emily and I have one more episode before the year ends, so now is the time to catch up on all the shenanigans!

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