A couple years ago, a short film was released that everyone thought was the "trailer" for a new Mortal Kombat movie coming out. It turned out it wasn't, it was just a really awesome "fan film", that eventually got turned into an incredible web series called Mortal Kombat: Legacy you can check out on YouTube. A few months ago, a really cool short film came out for Street Fighter x Tekken. It'll be cool to see where this one goes, as it's really well done, too!

It's really cool to have YouTube out there for these things, as a lot of filmmakers are putting out better stuff there than the big studios are releasing in theaters! Check these out and enjoy, and you can also check out the series Video Game High School for some more cool filmmaking. These guys are making cool movies and having a lot of fun doing it. You can also check out the behind the scenes for a lot of these short films online, like on Freddie W's second channel.

Locally, there are a lot of films being made, including this scary movie about the local Mesilla Witch. You can check out my behind the scenes here, with some video and pictures from one day of shooting for the movie.

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