The video finally uploaded, so you can check out the shooting day and see what happened. There's also a cool new trailer for the film, so I'm going to add that below as well. Look for "Witch Hunt", coming this October to a theater near you!

Witch Hunt Filming

The Setup:

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine put out the call on Facebook or extras for a movie that's being shot around the area. Some local filmmakers are shooting a movie called "Witch Hunt". A short teaser was posted on YouTube and it looks fun, so I threw my name in to be an extra.

I talked to Lance, one of the brothers involved in the making of the film, and got all the info on the shoot. I was going to be an extra in the biker bar scene in the film. Most of the rest has already been shot, and now they're just shooting the pieces left. Cool.

The Shoot:

Fast forward a couple of weeks to today, and I'm driving out to Radium Springs to the Blue Moon Bar. I've been told to dress sort of biker bar-ish, and I'm wearing jeans in 8 million degree heat, with heavy riding boots. I'm ready for a day of watching and taking some pics and video while everyone is working on the shots. I've talked to the guys and they're cool with me doing this little behind the scenes thing.

Witch Hunt Filming

On the way up, I get messages from Lance that things are a little behind, but that I'll be getting a speaking part in the film! I was only expecting to be "Man 12", drinking half-hidden in the corner while the shots were going on, so this is a cool bonus!

I arrive at the Blue Moon Bar and meet up with Lance, James, Lincoln and Sebastian, who go over the scene and what our parts are. We do some run throughs and work out the different pieces outside, and then move into the bar to begin working out the interior scene.

I'm "Junior" in the movie, and I set up the main characters to talk with "Harley", played by Lance, who gives James and Lincoln the info they need on the Mesilla Witch. I get to talk, pour some drafts, carry out the unruly demon child and then menace the main characters a bit before the end of the scene.

Witch Hunt Filming

We spent a good part of the day doing several takes and some different fun things, making sure they had everything they need. It was a lot of fun! Cool guys, a little beer, shhhh...don't tell my bosses...and then wrap!

More To Come:

Look for this movie in October, just in time for Halloween. It looks to be a little scary, a little funny, and will definitely entertain. The guys play a lot of stuff off the cuff, and come across as a couple normal guys going through this weird situation and having some fun with it. They're hoping to have some premieres in town and get the movie shown here and elsewhere.

Even if I get cut to a "DVD outtakes" reel, it was fun to do, and I got my first look into local filmmaking. I'm totally down for more! Get out there and support local arts in whatever way you can! See the bands, check out the movies, see the art...who knows what you'll find out there!

Thanks to Jaime and everyone at the Blue Moon Bar in Radium Springs, New Mexico for letting us film there and take over the bar for the day! If you haven't been out to the Blue Moon, go check it out, cool bar with a great outdoor patio!

Here are the pictures, video to come tomorrow!