The Twitterverse is a cruel place man, but it can also be hilarious. Check out some of the funniest tweets from and about El Paso from this week. " It's been a big week for El Paso! Cardi B is coming to town, Beto is running for President and the wind blew everything away. El Paso is was discussing it all on Twitter. This Week In El Paso Tweets" is a blog where we will focus on the funniest, most savage and sometimes even heartwarming tweets that we see around Twitter about the city in which we live. And without further ado, here are some of the best tweets from this week.



Twitter is a place where a sad tweet can turn into something beautiful, like the son who got customers to pour into his father's donut shop, or it can be a place where we learn something really cool, like Rep. Dan Crenshaw having a Captain America emblem on his glass eye. That is still super cool and Captain America himself Chris Evans approves. There are also horrible stories that can happen on Twitter but we want to focus on the hilarious ones.

Have a hilarious tweet that you've seen? Send us a message of @ us and let us know! Either through @klaq, myself (@LisaSanchez44) or Joanna (@joannabarbacoa). We don't take things seriously here so don't get offended by these tweets. Laugh at them and continue on reading. But if you do get offended.....does that mean that tweet may be about you? Something to ponder for the weekend....

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