The pandemic is still going on and that means June’s news bloopers are still predominately work-from-home fails and mishaps. Truly, this has been the forgotten toll of the COVID crisis: too many kids, pets, and clueless husbands ruining a live shot from the reporter’s breakfast nook.

New Be Funny has once again posted their “Funniest News Bloopers” and, as is the custom, I’m including my own curated list of highlights and must-sees. You can subscribe to the News Be Funny YouTube page here.

:54—Remind me, again…why don’t we drop the “respectable” act and just do what the Mexican newscasts do: find the hottest 20-year-old chick, put her in the tightest, most revealing dress we can find and have HER do the weather?

Oh, yeah. Because it’s impossible to walk and give the temperature in 7-inch stripper pumps.

1:44—Maybe you wouldn’t bite your lip so much if you didn’t fill them with 8 pounds of collagen. Well, at least she wasn’t doing her #bimboproblems while there was a SERIOUS story on the graphic in the background.

4:24—You throw like a girl! But you catch like Stevie Wonder.

5:06—I’ve always wanted to visit Coos Bay. I assume it’s a nude beach. Is that right?

8:30—Did you know cats love to play with smelly balls? The “smelly balls” line was kind of “low-hanging fruit”…but kudos to the weather guy for his perfectly timed comeback. Way to be on the ball, guy! What a couple of nuts!

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