Friday, an El Paso Dentist is offering free, emergency dental care to people who can't afford it.

When my Dad was a struggling college student, husband, and Father, he was having trouble studying due to the constant pain of a bad tooth. He had just moved to Houston and hadn't made any friends or contacts yet but, he finally found a Dentist who trusted him and agreed to a payment plan.

He sent his first payment in ...$5 was all he had ... and when the receipt arrived, it was marked "paid in full".  He called to question this and the Dentist, (I wish I knew his name), said he too was once a struggling student and that people helped him so, he wanted to repay that kindness. He said my Dad's payment would be for him to do the same someday. Which he did, time and time again.

That's why this story caught my eye.  I don't know what this Doctors motivation is but, it's the 6th year the offer has been made. If you or someone you know could be helped by this offer, click here to learn more.

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