They're the reason most adolescents don't smile, they're clunky and they're painful. How much worse could you make it? Well, you could try doing it yourself.

Thanks to ridiculous videos like the one above, this is a thing now. A article says people are using paper clips, rubber bands and other stuff to straighten their teeth themselves. Why?

If it's a fear of dentists, get over it or crooked teeth won't be your only problem.

If it's money, doing it yourself can cost more. A dentist in Tennessee said the rubber band approach cost his patient two teeth when one band lodged under the gum tissue.

"Because of the ice-cream-cone-like shape of the front tooth, the elastic ended up migrating to the root of the tooth. This led to bone loss, and this patient eventually lost two of his permanent front teeth

Cost of replacing the front teeth? $50k.

WTF? Folks, let a qualified orthodontist apply and maintain your braces!

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