This summer's record-breaking temperatures proved have proved deadly for at least four El Paso residents.

The City Department of Public Health reports three males and one female died recently due to heat-related illness. They did not report the situations or specific times of death for the four victims -- nor did they release names -- but they did note that three of the deaths came from heat stroke, and heat exposure was a contributing factor in the fourth. The victims ranged in age from their mid-30s to their early 80s.

“This is a heartbreaking scenario considering the fact that most heat-related deaths are preventable,” said Robert Resendes, Public Health Director. “We need our residents to be proactive in this weather and keep an eye out for those who are most vulnerable.”

According to the EPDPH, people should look for the following symptoms:

Heat Exhaustion

  • heavy sweating
  • weakness
  • cold, pale or clammy skin
  • weak pulse or fast pulse
  • nausea and/or vomiting
  • fainting

Heat Stroke

  • red skin discoloration, either dry or moist
  • skin warm to the touch
  • fever above 103 degrees
  • rapid, strong pulse
  • fainting

The most important thing you can do for a person who seems to be suffering from either of these illnesses is a work to cool them down with wet cloths or even a cool bath. Heat exhaustion victims should sip water, while heat stroke victims should not. You should call 911 if heat stroke is suspected or if the victim vomits continuously.

If you need fans to cool your homes, call 211 to reach the EPDPH. If you would like to donate a fan to that program, bring them to any El Paso Fire Station.

And finally, the city reminded people that public buildings are a great place to escape the heat temporarily. Libraries, recreation centers and senior centers are perfect retreats from the sun.