These 5 people took advantage of some great deals that cost their life! It is very unhealthy to deprive yourself of sleep and even worse if you're gonna be on the road.

More than a few people lost their lives from participating in black Friday from lack of sleep and fighting. You know El Paso is known for going hard on those discounts at certain stores. It took a few brawls to finally have the El Paso Police supervise the stores that participate. There are some people who will do anything and by anything, I am talking about murder. One example is the Toys R' Us story on the two grown adults that shot each other over a toy. In my opinion, I rather not save money than possibly landing myself a spot buried in the ground. will show you the 5 people who lost their lives from black Friday.

Hopefully this year no one will lose their life or end up in the back seat of a cop car!

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