With the recent passing of Chris Cornell, the original purveyors of grunge are pretty much all gone except for Eddie Vedder.  

A recent article at washingtonpost.com broke the genres beginnings down and made a great case for keeping the Pearl Jam singer locked away in a cushioned room with full time security and an onsite doctor.

He's grunges' last "front" man standing.

Grunge's beginnings were pretty humble, starting in the late 80's with bands like Mudhoney and Mother Love Bone, (among others), while grunge monsters like Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam and Nirvana would rise in the early 90's. Today, if you look at the frontmen of those seminal bands, the ones that were huge successes anyway, Eddie Vedder is really the only one left.

There have been, sadly, far too many others. These are just the primary members of the primary bands. Rest In Peace guys and thank you for the music.

God, please keep an eye on Eddie...

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