I remember the good old days when my chick best friends and I would bump into Chuck Debroder. The man is quite popular and sure did know how to have a good time.

One particular night I remember we were celebrating one of my best friend's birthday. Another friend who was part of the celebration brought along Chuck Debroder. Chuck being the nice guy he is ordered ALL of us a round of shots AND a drink! Do know we were a group of 11 in total that was celebrating. He was always a friendly man who made you feel like a good friend even if it was the first time you meet him. It was sad to hear the news about him parting ways from KTSM News Channel 9. Above is a picture from the birthday shenanigans we had on Cincinnati street at the former Mini Bar. Since he will no longer be News Channel 9's Meteorologist, will he plan on staying in El Paso? Chuck Debroder always has been a people person and knew how to connect with all age groups. Whatever the case is, I wish the best of luck to Chuck... Or shall I say, Good luck Chuck!

Give us your two cents on whether you think Chuck Debroder will stay in El Paso or leave down below!

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