From roasting to deep frying, everyone has their own way of cooking a turkey.  Here is one mistake that almost everyone makes, at some point in their life, and a way to save the day!

The one thing I've seen go wrong the most is not starting to thaw the thing out in time.  It takes days for these guys to warm up to cooking temperature so, 'ya gotta start early.

If you've already waited to long, wrap the bird in a waterproof bag, drop him in a tub of cold water and wait.  Be sure the water is no warmer than 50 degrees!  If that's still not thawing it fast enough, as soon as you can, remove the giblets and cut the bird into pieces.  That not only thaws him out quicker, he'll cook faster to!

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The next thing most peeps screw up is carving the turkey.  Watch the vid for help with that!

Happy Thanksgiving!!