There are lots of ways to prep your Thanksgiving bird, here are a few Mexican "pavo" recipes.

We know we're going to get totally turkey-fied over the Thanksgiving holiday because we do it every year.

We don't have to do it the same way every year though, there's way more than one way to cook the guest of honor. Here are a few with a Hispanic flair.

I've written about different turkey recipes before, including the different ways Texans like to cook 'em.

While I still love the original, oven roasted birdy; smoked turkeys have slowly ... get it slowly? 'Cuz they're SLOW smoked? HAAA ... gotten into a strong second place.

You can also fry them but, seriously, make double damn sure you know what you're doing if you do that.

And never, ever, ever, under any circumstances, deep fry a frozen turkey.

That's totally just asking for it.

Thaw that bad boy out completely.

Being surrounded by the best Mexican food anywhere, I thought this year I might put a Hispanic twist on things so I went looking for a couple of recipes.

I haven't tried any of these yet so, you'll have to wait until after Thanksgiving to see what I did and how it came out.

Unless you want to just do it yourself. First, here's a mole based turkey prep.

I'm iffy on that one.

Next up, I found one that looks a little more up my alley.

To be completely honest, he had me at "bacon" ...

Try one of those out or watch the video at the very top for one more idea.

I'll be sure and take pictures of my "pavo plato" to show you later.  That or video of the fryer disaster ... one of the two.

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