Tortillas play a very important role when you're eating tacos, quesadillas, and even soups! Everyone has their own preference when it comes to tortillas.

Trying to decide what tortilla would go perfect with your meal can be tough. If you're trying to live a healthier way then we both know corn tortillas is your choice.

But you also have those that say screw the carbs and stick to a flour tortilla. For tacos and quesadillas, I don't mind having them with flour or corn tortillas. But the only time I won't have corn tortillas is if I am having caldo de res.

So I believe the majority vote in my case belongs to flour tortillas. Some people I know don't even like flour tortillas and strictly stick to eating corn tortillas.

If you had to pick which tortilla you lean more towards, click which is best in the poll down below!

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