El Paso was once called home to these well-known celebrities you know and love! There have been quite a few people that made it in the big world of fame that once lived in El Paso. It's always cool to hear when your hometown is getting recognition from famous stars. Lately, it seems like the list of celebrities that once lived here has been getting longer. The best thing we El Pasoans love is when we see that former El Pasoan give our city a shout out. Their shout-outs have either been saying the name of our city or throwing up the hand symbol for 915. I listed a variety of stars that were once in El Paso that are now living among other stars. You will see musicians, athletes, actors and a popular politician in the poll that you can choose from. Let us know which celebrity you are starstruck for in the poll below!

  1. Khalid - American singer and songwriter
  2. Aaron Jones - Green Bay Packers Running Back
  3. Jon Dorenbos - Magician/Former football player
  4. Will Hernandez - New York Giants Football Guard
  5. Robert Ortiz - Escape The Fate drummer
  6. Beto O Rourke - Politician
  7. Cedric Bixler-Zavala - American singer and songwriter
  8. Vincent "Rocco" Vargas - American Entertainer

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