It's the middle of the week and you're probably daydreaming about sipping on your favorite nightcap. I've got a busy weekend ahead and thinking Wednesday calls for some whiskey sipping!

Lately, I have stayed away from drinking and haven't been in the mood for any alcohol. But thinking about my busy schedule, I figured tonight calls for some Whiskey. I know a lot of people who love to rely on whiskey to unwind. The last time I had sipped on whiskey I got a good nights sleep. Some of you prefer your whiskey chilled or at room temperature. Now there are too many brands of whiskey to name even some I have not even heard of. But I only listed the ones that you and I are familiar with down below in the poll. There are two whiskey brands that I found to go down easy for me and others are Jack Daniels and Jim Beam. For Jack Daniels, Tennesse Honey is my preferred poison to rely on. But Jim Beam has more of a variety of flavors a lot of whiskey fans enjoy. My Jim Beam favorites would be Apple, Red Stag, and Vanilla. We are halfway to the weekend and I believe Wednesday calls for some whiskey. I would like for you to choose your absolute favorite out of the six listed below.

Pick the whiskey brand you prefer to sip on down below! Salud!