After suffering for a couple days with a stomach virus I like to enjoy a damn good meal. Usually, a damn good meal is somewhere I can get seconds and even dessert. We all have our top favorite food buffet chain which can be someones least favorite. There is one particular buffet restaurant I will only go to if all my other favorites aren't open.

It's difficult when you're trying to decide which buffet joint to hit up when someone joins you. My very favorite buffet used to have a Westside location but closed it down which is now Peter Piper Pizza. You probably guessed right about my favorite buffet chain to visit but if you didn't, it's Furr's Cafeteria. If you visit CiCi's Pizza during lunch hour you will see nothing has changed and high schoolers still pack the place up.

So which buffet do you always enjoy stuffing your face at out of the list below?

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