Remember when Klaq joined you out at the Vans Warped Tour 6 year's ago in Las Cruces, New Mexico? I thought this would be appropriate with the Vans Warped Tour right around the corner.

If you went to the tour in 2011 you will definitely remember when Dubba G got into minor trouble. You may also spot yourself in the video since Klaq caught a lot of the audience rocking out on the field. It takes quite a bit of time to get all the equipment set up for the live broadcast as you will see above. When things finally got settled, Dubba G decided to have some fun of his own riding around the field that got him into some trouble. The tour will be stopping in Las Cruces, New Mexico on Tuesday August 1 with gates opening at 11 am.   In case you need to refresh your memory on the 101 of the Vans Warped Tour their site has the details.

Klaq will be hooking you up to get you in on the house! Be sure to keep tuning in and checking in online!


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