Santa Claus will be making his yearly visit soon and we all know that leaving him some goodies can lead to an extra stocking stuffer or two.

Santa will be dropping down your chimney soon ... or, coming in through the window, whichever ... and you need to be ready for the big guy. Delivering toys all over the world is hungry and thirsty work so, be cool and leave him a little sumpin' sumpin'.

Santa doesn't live here so, forget the milk and cookies and give him something he'll go back to the North Pole and tell the missus about. In honor of the 12 days of Christmas, here are 12 suggestions:

  1. If you're doing cookies, forget the chocolate chip routine. Bake him some biscochos.instead.
  2. Milk? Really?  Leave him some locally created El Perro Grande Tequila.
  3. Since he's driving, he may want something lighter. Maybe a couple of cold ones from Deadbeach Brewery.
  4. An order of Chico's Tacos will remind him he's in the 915.
  5. Warm, homemade sopapillas ... don't forget the honey.
  6. Freshly roasted green chilis. (Leave next to the beer.)
  7. No chips, tostadas only. Bonus points if you make 'em yourself and no dip. Set out Grandma's salsa. (Make it extra, mega hot ... we gotta keep Rudolph's nose red.)
  8. Elotes literally SCREAM El Paso. (Best when purchased on a street corner, from a push cart ... just sayin'.)
  9. Fully Loaded Nachos. (Again, next to the beer.)
  10. Chili coated lollipops. (Seriously, they exist.)
  11. Use the Perro Grande to make him a Margarita. A drink, (supposedly), invented in Juarez.
  12. Churros, Churros, Churros.

Bonus item: You can't really eat this one but, if you really want Santa to feel the full El Paso experience, do this.

Leave some orange barrels on your homes roof that force him on to the garage roof.

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