A restaurant in Denver is on the Filter crap-list.

Filter played a gig in Denver recently and after the show, went to join a few fans for dinner at a place called Brothers Bar And Grill.  The band, including drummer Jeff Fabb, and their crew had been in the restaurant several times throughout the day without a problem.(I've worked with Filter and their crew many times so I can tell you, they're very nice ... not rowdy or troublemakers ... and many of them have ink somewhere.


There were no problems that day, but that night they were told Jeff couldn't enter because of his neck tattoo. When Filter front man Richard Patrick heard this, he fired up his cell phone and approached the bouncer.  You can see what happened for yourself below.

Jeff said:

I had eaten in the restaurant twice and after the show, we walked back there. The door guy was about to let Amir, our merch guy, in, but he wouldn’t let me in. I went to speak with the manager and he was confrontational from the moment he saw me. He really didn’t care that we’d been there earlier. I was kind of hurt, since most of the people who were in there at the time were from our show and we wanted to join them. I was calm the whole time, though, and when we were walking out, he yelled at the door guy not to let us in.

Brothers is the wrong name for this place, they should call it "Haters Bar And Grill." Jerks were probably just jealous of the Filter guys!  If you're ever in Denver, stop by and tell them why you won't be giving them your business.  Filter fans have taken to the bar’s Facebook page to express their disgust, but the administrators of the page are hiding comments as soon as they’re published.

Careful: language is NSFW!


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