The names of the candidates for FIFA president read like characters from the Playa' Haters Ball on Chapelle's Show. Running for the role being vacated by Sepp Blatter is: Jérôme Champagne,  Prince Ali bin al-Hussein of Jordan, David Nakhid, Michel Platini. And Tokyo Sexwale.

Tokyo Sexwale, it turns out, is an accomplished South African businessman and is a currently serving as FIFA's anti-racism advisor, was in prison on Robben Island, alongside Nelson Mandela, and once hosted the South Africa version of The Apprentice, according to The Guardian. 

Sexwale is clearly more accomplished than anyone at the Morning Show, and will likely always remain that way because we're still giggling at his name, which inspired us to create the FIFA President Name Generator.

Our name generator, using your birth month and day and the first letter of your last name, will give you your very own FIFA president name, scientifically combining a capital city, word for sex and sea animal.

What's your FIFA president name?


FIFA Name Generator
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