It's the 2022 FIFA Men’s World Cup taking place in Qatar. El Paso’s own Ricardo Pepi was snubbed a roster spot. And there's a ban on... BEER?!

One thing is for sure - this would not go over well in the United States. For a number of reasons. It's nothing short of a "Culture Clash" according to the New York Times.

In Qatar, FIFA has instead bowed to the demands of the host country. That raised the possibility that other promises that run counter to local laws and customs — including issues like press freedom, street protests and the rights of LGBTQ+ visitors — were not as rock-solid as Qatar and FIFA have said.


ANNNDDD the culture clash continues.

Just ask legendary soccer sportswriter Grant Wahl. He tried wearing this shirt into the stadium and it didn't go so well.

Also, apparently to get into any of the World Cup venues in Qatar you must arrive at the correct gender-oriented entrance. Jenny Taft is the sideline reporter for Fox Sports and has been giving us her latest "what it's like female at the world cup" snippits complete with this most recent one:

It's nothing new to have women report on sports over in the United States, but for the World Cup it definitely is. Former U.S. Women’s Team player, Aly Wagner, made history in 2018, becoming the first woman to call a FIFA Men’s World Cup game on U.S television. Jenny Taft joins her this year along with a slew of females added to Fox's broadcast team.

Looks like for the first time, ladies, the line is shorter than the guys.

When it comes to on the field? The women have had the much more storied history. The USWNT has won four World Cup titles. The USMNT has never won one -- and their best finish is third in ... 1930.

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