Note the word "celebrated" in the title. Yes, that's right. Mexico lost to Sweden 3-0. If you are a fan like me, then that game had you on a roller coaster of emotions. My blood pressure was out of wack, I had to control myself with some tacos afterward. But still crazy game. Let's call this the "before" it's so full of hope.

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This one is "during" full of uncertainty and a sense of doom.

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And this one is "after" After we found out that South Korea won and Germany was out which led to a sigh of relief and even some tears as we found out that Mexico advanced to the next round.

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See, a whole range of emotions. If you're unaware of what happened, I'll give you the Cliff's Notes version: Mexico played Sweden and Germany played South Korea. If Germany won, Mexico would have been eliminated but because South Korea won, it eliminated Germany and let Mexico advance to the next round despite their loss to Sweden. So even though they lost, they still won in a way. Mexico fans were very grateful to South Korea that they took to the streets of Russia to celebrate the South Koreans present.

Mexican fans thank a Korean guy. from r/pics

Meanwhile, in Mexico:

So, in conclusion, Mexico fans, thank a Korean today!