The one comedian dude that isn't afraid to say what you're thinking is coming back to El Paso! Felipe Esparza will be returning to the Sun City this fall. Normally we're used to seeing Felipe's skit at the Comic Strip and won't be there this time around. This fall Felipe Esparza will be performing at The Plaza Theatre. He's the one who can say things aloud without any shame. I have always had a blast every time Felipe Esparza comes into town. If you haven't seen his act, he will have you laughing from start to finish. Friday, September, 27 is when you can see Felipe Esparza at The Plaza Theatre later this year. I love how Felipe never leaves out El Paso any time he does his tour. What I also appreciate Felipe Esparza for is the consideration he has for his fans. After every show he does at the Comic Strip, he always takes the time to say hi afterward.

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