We love whenever we see returning bands & comedians come to town. Names like Gabriel Iglesias, Willie Barcena & Felipe Esparza are some names that always draw a crowd when they come back to town. Felipe especially, he's always a hit when he appears on the Buzz Adams Morning Show & when he performs in El Paso.

He's done many shows here at the County Coliseum, Bart Reeds Comic Strip & the Plaza Theater. In fact Veronica got to see Felipe when he was here AT Bart Reeds.

Veronica Gonzalez
Veronica Gonzalez

The last time we saw Felipe in town was actually this year in March at the Plaza Theater. He brought a couple of friends with him the last time too: Martin Rizo, Rodrigo Torres & Rachel Wolfson. A lot of people went & it was a good show.

It was so good in fact, Felipe made a video showing his thanks to not only all the fans who showed up, but El Paso as a whole. In the video you can see Felipe interacting with some of the fans who were lucky to meet him, showing offsome El Paso Chihuahuas swag & some backstage antics.

The video was originally posted onto his website but was later posted onto his official Facebook page. Unfortunately I can't embed the video here, however, you can watch the video right here.

Now I'll just this very calmly...HOW DID NOT SEE THIS?? How could we miss this very nice video of Felipe showing his thanks & appreciation to El Paso? We were late seeing the video & that's no excuse...

So as a response to that video: Felipe... El Paso loves you too & we can't wait until the next time we see you!

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