Flores House Fire Pictures

A family in Montana Vista needs our help since they lost everything to their name in a house fire. It is heartbreaking when a family loses everything they own except the clothes off their back due to a house fire. The Flores family lost every single possession they owned and can't gain anything back.

The Flores family couldn't get house insurance due to the poor timely manner from the Montana Vista Fire Station. It took the Montana Vista Fire Department over an hour and a half to finally arrive at the scene. It was surprising when the Clint and Horizon Fire Departments attended the scene before Montana Vista did.

This is where Uzziel, Cynthia, and their four children are in need of your help. The Flores family has an account set up at GECU under the Uzziel Flores Fund. Below is where you can send your check or money to help the Flores family.

Uzziel Flores Fund
Account number:

PO Box 20998
El Paso, Texas 79998-0998

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