I'm sure most Arizona adults can look back and remember that time in childhood when they first got left home alone. It can be a freeing and exciting experience to know your parents finally trust you alone or, like in my case, terrifying.

Thinking back on it now makes me wonder if there is a specific age when parents are legally allowed to leave their child home alone in Arizona. So I did some digging.

What are the rules for leaving a child alone in Arizona?

The State of Arizona does not have any specific age designation for when a child can be left alone. It is left up to the parents to make a responsible decision on the issue.

However, if a report of neglect is received -- which can include not providing adequate supervision to a child, putting them at risk -- then the Arizona Department of Economic Security, Department of Child Safety will investigate. Leaving your kid alone can be considered inadequate supervision.

So again, as a parent, it is up to you to know if your child can care for themselves. And also other siblings if left with them. After all, parents are the ones who will know their kids' capabilities the best.

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When would you be willing to leave your kid home alone?

Being left alone can be new and exciting, but as I mentioned before, sometimes a little scary too.

I'll spare going into too much detail about my first home-alone experience and make the story short. I remember coming home from a friend's house before I was expected by my parents and walking in to find the entire house silent and empty. As a kid, I didn't know what was happening, and literally thought my family had just disappeared and left me without a trace.

Looking back now, that was a bit irrational, but back then it seemed like the only answer -- until they showed up 10 minutes later, that is.

The point being, even if a kid can handle and care for themselves, I think knowing how they'll react emotionally plays a part as well.

Personally, I'm not sure when I would be willing to leave a child home alone -- it'll depend on a variety of factors. Just know that in Arizona it's up to you, the parent, to know when your kid(s) are ready.

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