There are people who dread checking their Facebook memories to avoid seeing the painful ones. Yes, I am those people but glad I took the chance today because I saw the best memory from 9 years ago. My Facebook status said I was on my way to see Deftones with a heart emoji and exclamation points galore. By now you know how much love I have for Deftones. Exactly 9 years ago today Deftones were preparing for a show at the El Paso County Coliseum. It was Wednesday, June 8, 2011, that Deftones were set to play at the County Coliseum that evening.

I was able to take some pictures but not a whole lot from that show. I remember not using my phone that much because I didn't want another incident I had at a Chevelle concert. Okay so maybe I don't remember it as clear as yesterday but these videos from MikeIsYourDaddy flashed me back 9 years ago. Most of El Paso was stoked for Deftones to be returning so soon from the previous year they were in town. The video above shows Deftones playing "Sextape" which is my ultimate favorite from the guys. I raise my glass to the anniversary of a great memory I have with Deftones in my hometown.

If you attended that show 9 years ago then you can relate to the excitement I am feeling about today. They had to reschedule their North American Summer Tour for next year due to Covid-19. I plan on seeing them next year since this year wasn't possible. Cross your fingers and pray for a miracle that Deftones adds on El Paso for one of their stops.

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