The spirits and hearts of Deftones fans are weighing heavy today because of yesterday's public announcement. Honestly, I would prefer to attend their concert in 2021 comfortably instead of this year. After anxiously waiting to see what Deftones were going to do decide has been settled. Deftones posted updates all over their social media sites giving their fans a heads up about our current situation. The guys decided to postpone their North American Summer Tour that was set for this year.

You just like me was excited to see Deftones perform in Albuquerque, New Mexico August 5. Unfortunately, the show cannot go on due to Covid-19. That means no more road trip to Albuquerque to hear and see Deftones after waiting for so long. I know exactly how you're feeling but in the end, it is better off this way. Deftones care about the health and safety of everyone which is why they postponed. Deftones are sure about one thing and that is rescheduling their North American Summer Tour for 2021. The rescheduled dates for their North American Tour 2021 will still be with special guests Poppy and Gojira. Deftones had also mentioned that your concert ticket will be accepted or refunded until their next update about their postponed tour.

Now that we know the scoop about their tour means no more road trip to Albuquerque, New Mexico. A friend of mine who was the bearer of bad news now has to get a refund on his hotel stay. If the show were to go on and our current situation is still the same honestly I wouldn't attend. But if Deftones were still on and I did attend, I would not enjoy myself and be paranoid for the entire show. If Deftones didn't reschedule their North American Summer Tour, would you still attend? Place your opinion in the poll below.

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