You're not the only one if you have once mistaken Greta Van Fleet for Led Zepplin when you first heard them! Don't feel too bad if you did mistake them for Led Zepplin because these elders did also.

FBE was there to show you elderly people also confused Greta Van Fleet for Led Zepplin. Some grown folks were put to the test on whether they can determine if they can tell the difference between Led Zepplin and Greta Van Fleet. They each gave their own critique of the band and the type of music they play. One elderly woman made a funny comment  calling Greta Van Fleet the grandchildren of Led Zepplin. The same woman to call Greta Van Fleet grandchildren first apologized before taking the listening test. You already know these elderly folks are going to have a hard time distinguishing who they're listening to.

Robert Plant recently stated that Josh Kiszka is a beautiful singer and also hears the similarity that others hear as well.

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