If you're looking for something fun to do this summer, head for Adventure Zone!

Located on the west side at 251 E. Redd Road, Adventure Zone has long been a great place to spend time with your kids!  It's also a great place to leave older kids for an afternoon.  They have a blast with the bumper boats, the go-karts and (of course) the miniature golf!

They have special summer offers available now and something even cooler...

They've added adult parties to the list of events they do!  Yep; now you can have an ice cold beer or two after you whip your buddies on the track or the golf course!!  If you're hungry, try those McRorys Tacos ..... legendary in El Paso!

(I think I just talked myself into heading there this weekend!)  I can definitely get YOU hooked up over there!  Listen today about 1:00pm and I'll give you a chance at a 4 pack of passes to take your friends ... or your kids, whichever .. over for some fun on me!

You're going to need to have good ears and be up on rock guitarists; that's all I'll tell you for now!

Good luck!

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