This little dude has a deep love for Golf and can make more than just one hole-in-one when he plays Mini Golf! This little dude is my mini-me and developed a love for Golf thanks to his grandpa.

His idea of fun is going somewhere you can hit Golf balls either far or near. So our usual hangout spot is at our local family fun center or a driving range. Now when I would tell the story to my friends, they would NEVER believe me. I normally don't like being on my phone when we're hanging out together or if I am recording above. It was a warm sunny day when he had asked to go play Mini Golf. At the beginning of our game, he hit a couple of aces which unfortunately I didn't record. Luckily, towards the end of our game of Mini Golf, I made sure to document it! The crazy thing about this video is when he saw me getting out my phone he sure as hell was camera ready. It's like he was confident he was going to make a hole-in-one and wanted EVERYBODY to see! Another time we had gone to play Mini Golf, I was able to capture his almost hole-in-one. I was actually able to make a hole-in-one which you can see down below on the last hole at Bob-O's which is a difficult one! The last hole has a gate right in front of the hole and to my surprise, I actually made it in. Check out the future Arnold Palmer showing off his skills on the Mini Golf course above!

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