Seriously ... an alligator.  IN the pool. On purpose... 

WTF?  Yet another sign that the zombie apocalypse is going to begin in Florida.  I can hear the commercial for this business already ...

Parents, are you tired of hung over clowns and noisy arcade settings?  Tired of kids whining about the heat when you just dropped your car payment on a jumping balloon?? 

Tired of kids with all their appendages!?!? 

Then have we got a kids party for you!  Call us now and we will rush right over and toss one of our limited edition, genuine alligator skinned eating machines into your pool with your kids!  Yep your families future ... not to mention the ones who will decide upon your eventual nursing home/caregivers ... face to face with an honest to goodness (presumably hungry) reptilian monster!!  Call now!!  Allsalesfinalnorefundsnotresponsiblefordismemberment,mentalanguishand/orviolentbloodydeath. 

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I think I'll stick with Adventure Zone on Redd Rd.  They have beer now!!