Considering there are anti-maskers out there I am proud of those that do wear their masks.

You have seen people put on blast on social media and on the news for causing a scene about wearing a mask. There are grown adults that throw a tantrum for being told they need to wear a mask.

For example, last month the man in Las Cruces spitting on a cops face. Another example takes place in Dallas when a woman's had an outburst over employees who asked her to please wear a mask.

It's crazy to think that people are complaining about wearing a mask that keeps them safe. The only complaint I have about masks is when I forget mine in the car and have to go back. It has been quite the struggle of having to adapt to this temporary lifestyle.

In fact, there are even memes that make fun of my exact struggle. Before we had to just remember to grab our wallet, keys, and phone but now we've added masks on to that list.

But one thing for sure is I am proud of my hometown for masking up. There's a detailed map of the United States showing who is wearing a mask during this pandemic.

I am happy to report that on the map you will see El Paso, Texas scored pretty well. You can see how we scored if you hover your mouse over the tip of El Paso.

We scored in the 84 percentile that everyone is masked in 5 random encounters. Our community was even highlighted in the New York Times article. We were credited for being a community that you will least likely see someone without a mask.

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