I know the feeling when something you cherished as a child is given away without your permission or lost.

A few months ago I had to hunt down my old stuffed animals I want my kids to have. I started feeling sad when I couldn't find the clear zip-up bag I had my favorite squeezable friends stuffed in. When I finally found the clear plastic zip-up bag with my stuffed animals I felt a major sense of relief come over me.

There is an El Paso resident that is dealing with some serious heartache. We will call this person by their Reddit name LexInAnOven who is now single during cuffing season while hunting down their childhood bear.

Apparently, after the breakup, the other ex-partner had said she dropped off the bear at a Goodwill. Well, LexInAnOven is offering a reward for their childhood bear that they want back.

Honestly, this bear must have some great childhood memories if they're willing to offer a reward. I feel bad for the person who is clueless about where their teddy bear could be.

It's horrible on their ex-partner's part simply because if they knew how special that bear was, they shouldn't have tossed it in the first place.

Reddit: LexInAnOven
Reddit: LexInAnOven

I have never been able to throw another person's belongings away no matter what. Someone from my past didn't want their things back and told me to toss them in the trash or give them to Goodwill.

Luckily, I just tossed everything in a garbage bag stuffed it in a box, and stored it away.

I definitely feel the same pain this Reddit user feels for their lost childhood bear. In my opinion, that was a low blow for their ex-partner to hit below the belt as they did. If you're the type of person who enjoys exchanging items with your significant other maybe this story will make you think twice. If you do plan on making an exchange, make sure they're items you wouldn't mind losing forever.

Pick what you would do if you were in the same pickle as this Reddit user in the poll below.

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