This born and raised El Pasoan Jacob Whitt earned the opportunity to travel all over for championships doing what he loves. Jacob used skateboarding to release some stress but also helped him in more ways than one. Jacobs way of coping with his struggles were through his skateboarding and skating away. Another way skateboarding helped him was by losing over 100 pounds and 7 inches from his waist. This coming September will make it 7 years that he has been skateboarding.

He enjoys skateboarding how he wants to instead of the typical way to do it. He enjoys doing 360 nollie shove its and handstand tricks as well as bananas and peanut butter. He hopes to make his sponsor Bill Robertson also known as Dr. Skateboard proud with his technique.

Here are a list of contest placings he has been in:

2010 world freestyle championships in Philly. 9th place AM
2011 US freestyle championships in Philly. 4th place AM
2012 World Round Up 9th place AM
2012 US freestyle championships in Philadelphia. 1st place AM
2012 Game of Skate in Philly. 1st place
2013 World Round Up. 4th place AM
2013 US freestyle championships. 2nd place AM


Be sure to show some love for your local citizen wishing him luck at the skateboarding championships!



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