Have you seen movies that have been filmed, or at least mention El Paso? It wouldn't be hard. El Paso is no stranger to film, many movies feature El Paso in some way or another- just like in "The Forever Purge". This is either by mentioning the Sun City or actually taking place. I love when a movie mentions El Paso, I feel like cheering in the theater, some people actually do.

Sometimes, though, the movie that mentions or is located in El Paso isn't always putting the Sun City in a good light. Usually, it's either a drug-ridden desert location or a desert wasteland. And that's a problem, and super annoying to some- including this Reddit user who isn't even from El Paso!

User @Itaniumonline angrily asks "why is El Paso always portrayed like a forgotten, western, dusty, one horse town?". They even share an example!

To this user, this scene from "Kill Bill" is how they imagined El Paso really was:

True that Movies like Kill Bill mention EP, but, really no filming was done here (boo!). The church in Kill Bill which was supposed to be in the desert of El Paso was actually filmed outside of Lancaster, north of Los Angeles in the Mojave desert.

But it bothers many that El Paso doesn't even really look like that. In the comments section, many agreed with the OP saying that movie makers have no idea what El Paso is really like:

Because movie makers have no idea of what El Paso looks like, they never sleep foot here, just go by west Texas and think oh western town

Others didn't mind the old western portrayal claiming the media portrayed El Pas far worse.

I don’t mind when movies portray El Paso as a forgotten, old west town. Major media outlets and many other Texans portray El Paso as a crime ridden, dumpster fire of cartel violence and murder. I lol’d when I showed my old coworkers in San Antonio that the crime per capita in SA is far higher than it is here. They were speechless!

And while some movies that mention El Paso can be enjoyable- there are certain moments that make you roll your eyes.

While I really enjoyed the movie, the depiction of the border crossing / El Paso in Sicario was ridiculous. A shooting on the bridge would be big news.

For me, a moment that made me roll my eyes was in "The Forever Purge" where the streetcar was fully functioning- totally unbelievable.

While the name drop, and even the shooting location is appreciated, many would prefer that filmmakers do a better job portraying El Paso in movies.

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