This past weekend I headed out to see "The Forever Purge". As a fan of the series, I knew that I didn't want to miss seeing the fifth installment to this franchise in theaters especially since this one featured El Paso! Check out the trailer below, it's not hard to spot the Sun City:

Based on the trailer, I wasn't entirely sure how much El Paso would be featured; but little did I know that the climax of the film would take place in the heart of Downtown El Paso.

"The Forever Purge" follows Adela and Juan who recently migrated to the United States and try to survive their first Purge. Little do they know, there's an entire movement and group who want to continue the violent tradition of the Purge and they call it "The Forever Purge".

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In response to this violence, the Mexican and Canadian presidents decide to open up the borders for all Americans for six hours. Our group of protagonists head to El Paso to cross the border.

I won't give much away if you haven't seen the movie, but the entire third act takes place in what is suppose to be El Paso. I say "suppose" because, obviously, it was filmed in a studio, but the belief is that it's Downtown El Paso. There are great exterior shots of the Sun City but there was one moment that I just could NOT BELIEVE.

In one aerial view of Downtown El Paso they show some of our great downtown buildings- and running through the buildings is none other than the Downtown Streetcar. That's right, the STREETCAR of all things is up and running during the Forever Purge!

You expect me to believe that throughout the ENTIRE Purge, throughout the entire explosions, gun fire and attacks, the STREETCAR of all things is still up and running? That thing was derailed by a baseball once! But somehow, during the Purge, the Streetcar is up and running like normal and I for one, could NOT believe it!

Yeah, the movie is based on a fictional plan to "purge" the nation, and yeah, at the end there's a super fake looking baby, but the STREETCAR is the one thing I could NOT believe throughout the entire movie!

Anyway, if you're wondering what the Morning Show would be doing during the Purge, click here.

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