A number of movies have been filmed in and around El Paso but I think Indian Cliffs has the record for the most movies filmed in one place.

El Paso has been featured in several movies and, thanks in part to the recently opened Star Central Studios, has really grown in the eyes of filmmakers. Various parts of El Paso and the surrounding area have been used in made for tv movies, Hollywood blockbusters and tv shows like The Bridge.

One particular spot, just east of El Paso, has been used over and over again. 11 times in all, as far as I know. Here's the list:

  1. Resurrection. A woman survives a car wreck and discovers she now has the power to heal people.
  2. The Border. A Border Patrol agent, Jack Nicholson, goes to "the dark side" of a corrupt Border Patrol agency.
  3. Lone Wolf McQuade. There's a funny side-story about this one. There's a fight scene between David Carradine and Chuck Norris, both of whom are badass martial artists. Carradine's contract stipulated that he could not be beaten in hand to hand combat so, Norris' character, (the good guy), has to kill him with a hand grenade. (Whatever, we all know Norris would have whipped his azzz.)
  4. Death Of An Angel. I have no idea how to explain this one.
  5. Extreme Prejudice. A confrontation builds between two buddies, Nick Nolte and Powers Boothe, now on opposite sides of the law.
  6. Courage Under Fire. Set during the Gulf War, a female chopper pilot is considered for the Medal of Honor.
  7. On The Border. Bank robbers try and make a big score despite repeatedly double crossing each other.
  8. Saving Jessica Lynch. It's about saving Jessica Lynch.
  9. Glory Road. The true story of the 1966 UTEP Miners basketball team and how they, under Coach Don Haskins, broke the NCAA color barrier.
  10. The Day After Tomorrow. Extreme weather brings an apocalypse. I remember a fake border crossing being built on the I-10 overpass near Schuster for this one.
  11. Odessa. Texas, (as many still clamor for), secedes from the United States. Don't bother making popcorn for this one, it'll be over by the time the last kernel pops.

That's all that I know of. I'm still looking though ...

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