There is an El Paso man who puts his hands to work and through the hurt to make unique Easter gifts. We all know what Easter is all about, it's a Christian festival and holiday. Easter Sunday commemorates the resurrection of Jesus from the dead.

If you're Hispanic then you know how important this holiday is especially for those who are strongly religious. Well, one El Paso man takes Easter Sunday very seriously and uses his skills to make quite the unique Easter gift. It takes real patience and strength to create what Carlos Navar does for those with strong faith.

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Carlos Navar somehow turned a part of nature into art. Carlos Navar makes thorn crowns to sell that are meant for remembrance not to wear. I spoke with his daughter Carla Navar who told me that the thorn crowns are not easy to make.

Her dad tutored her and her brother and she has even more respect for how good of a job he does. When you see the pictures below and how many thorns are poking out makes you wonder. It makes me cringe thinking about trying to make a crown out of thorns.

Carlos Navar sure has skills to be dealing with the poking and maybe even bleeding at times. In my opinion, his unique way to honor the Easter holiday makes the perfect gift for anyone who's religious in your family. Carlos Navar also plans to donate a portion of the proceeds to their local church. If you're part of a religious family and need a gift idea, this is certainly it.

Crown of Thorns

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