Doing good deeds for others sure does soothe the soul, especially when it involves helping the homeless.

Most of us usually help out the homeless when we're on the go. So, we hand over some cash while waiting for the street light to turn green.

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I learned about an El Paso man named Irvin Jay on 915 Blast who was offering his time and services to the homeless.

Jay is helping out the homeless one haircut at a time. I am unsure if the man is an actual barber but from the looks of it, sure seems like it.

He isn't necessarily taking them to a salon but bringing the salon to them.

MariaCruz Estrada shared photos on social media, putting Hernandez's good deed on blast on 915 on Blast.

People who use their free time to help others are what our world needs more of.

The fact the barber is giving his time to not only give a haircut but also someone to talk to.

It sure is nice to witness another human being lift another up in whatever way, shape, or form it may be.

If I was living on the streets I sure as hell would appreciate this man's services.

So the next time you're out and about and notice nice hair on the homeless, you might just be witnessing Hernandez's work.

Major props to Hernandez for using his spare time for helping out those in need.

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