An El Paso man will be taking some time next week to help out the homeless in the El Paso community. Mr. OG Colorworks aka Oscar Garcia wants to help out the homeless and give them somewhat of a revamp.

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If you have never been homeless then you have no clue how it feels to not be able to upkeep your hair. If you have seen the homeless around who still have a good set of locks on their head, you've seen the outcome.

Some men and women have dealt with knotted hair or even sometimes some have dreads. Can you imagine the struggle or how uncomfortable it feels to have your hair unwashed or cut for a long time?

But it isn't like the homeless can get a haircut when they can barely afford to buy themselves a meal. Shoot, if I were homeless I too would say screw my hair (as much as I would hate to say that) and eat instead.

Also, some homeless people have pets and would rather buy food for their dogs instead of themselves. But luckily, there is an El Paso man who plans on setting up shop at a homeless shelter in El Paso.

He plans to bring his services to the homeless shelter and give free haircuts. It is nice to see someone being selfless and helping others out and not asking anything in return.

Oscar Garcia will be at the Rescue Mission 221 N. Lee Street next week cutting hair for the homeless. Starting Thursday, August 25, he will be cutting hair between 11 am to 3 pm.

If you know someone who would be willing to help Oscar Garcia out feel free to reach out to him. If you're a hairstylist or barber and want to help all you need to bring is your own equipment.

It is people like that who make such a huge impact on the El Paso community. I just hope Oscar Garcia shares some before and after pictures of his clients.

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