We surely have noticed a lot of homeless people scattered around El Paso over the years. There are some homeless people in El Paso you come across that work for their donations.

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Now by work, I am talking about the homeless people that will make someone's donation worthwhile. For example, many years ago I remember a homeless man that would make jewelry out of hemp and sell it to make somewhat of a living.

Then you also have the type of homeless that just make a sign begging for money. There was a video I came across on my Twitter feed that had me hoping to see a homeless person in El Paso do this someday.

Okay, so some homeless people in El Paso can barely get by to afford a meal but should up their game. There are some beggars all over the world that will go above and beyond to earn every single penny.

A Twitter user icimizdekipic shared a video of a beggar with quite the vision to earn some donations. As you will see from icimizdekipic's video a dude asking for money dressed up in a costume that I believe would work amazingly well in El Paso.

A beggar somewhere across the world dressed in costume as Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Carribean. In the video, you will see the beggar definitely earned his coin for playing the part exceptionally well.

Just imagine if the homeless in El Paso could pull off this stunt. They would certainly make an appearance on The Real Fit Fam El Paso and also make some money. So if you have any old Halloween costumes laying around, donate them to the homeless and give them this idea.

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