El Paso kids will be happy to know that El Paso is ranked as the 8th best city in the United States for trick or treating.

Smart Asset did the study, basing their findings on weather, low crime rates, population age and housing figures.

According to the El Paso Time, the average temperature here on Halloween is a comfy 69.5 degrees and there is only a 1.9 percent chance that it will rain here on that day. According to the same article, Smart Asset also:

listed the city's single-family housing density, which is 644 homes per square mile. The methodology notes that while kids can trick-or-treat in apartment buildings, the best experience would be to go from house to house. Additionally, the website mentions El Paso's low violent crime rate — 392.64 per 100,000 — which means it might feel safer to walk around your neighborhood after dark and ask for treats.

Well, most neighborhoods anyway.

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