Heroes come in all sorts of sizes and even ages. I learned that heroes can be so many ages younger than you recently. I wish I knew who this anonymous child was to give proper credit to. But since the identity is unknown their story will have to do for now. A good friend of mine had shared a major heartwarming story on her social media. Long story short, my good friend, Jennifer is a pharmacy tech at the Hospitals of Providence Memorial Campus. Every morning before going into work she drops her son off with her mom.

Yesterday morning she got the biggest surprise that shows us heroes really do exist. When Jennifer was dropping off her son she noticed a note that was attached to a care package. The care package was a bag of dog food and some canned soups. The note (attached above) basically is saying he/she emptied their piggy bank to say thank you for being a nurse. The handwriting, spelling, and words like piggy bank let me assume this is a child.

This goes to show that this young child is trying to spread positive vibes during these difficult times. There are some children that would rather keep their piggy bank money for themselves. Jennifer had her son write a thank you on the poster board but also wants to know who she can thank. What I can say about this child is he/she has the biggest humble heart and it shows.

Good Deeds

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