Aaron Jones is known for his amazing football skills and recently his kind gesture!  Aaron Jones has been going viral for helping out an elderly woman at the Appleton Airport. The running back for the Green Bay Packers said he noticed the woman had a cane and asked to help her out. There was supposed to be someone waiting for this woman with a wheelchair and to their surprise, no one was around. So Aaron went ahead and set up the wheelchair and pushed her until they saw the daughter. Little did they know another passenger (a Green Bay Packers fan) witnessed the good deed. That passenger, Monica made sure to capture some evidence of Aaron Jones helping the woman out. This woman at first didn't realize who was giving her a push around the Appleton Airport. After discovering the truth, she mentioned how her husband would have loved it! Aaron Jones good deed not only blew up social media but also our hearts.

Aaron Jones has a huge heart and continues to make El Paso proud!

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