We all came together as a city when we needed it most, on Saturday, August 3rd. That was the day we all had each other back and showed outsiders we are El Paso Strong. We all came together to help out in the best way we could by providing help to strangers.

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We all came together to drop off packages of water bottles for those having to spend what seems like the longest wait. Well, we all know and are aware of cruel people in this world that show you who the kind is. The Real Fit Fam El Paso exposed one of the best kinds of people doing something good for a stranger.

Well, a food vendor that parks along Hollywood Boulevard was harassed that didn't sit well with one of our own. El Paso native and local celebrity Krystall Poppin was impacted by what she saw. If you see the video below, it is a sad thing to witness.

People make a living their own way and this man's way was cut short thanks to some pricks. You see the innocent dude cleaning up someone else's hateful mess. What makes matters worse is seeing some of the crowd filming instead of helping the innocent food vendor.

But leave it to one El Pasoan who represented El Paso in the most awesome way possible. The El Paso native Krystall Poppin who's a celebrity rapper showed her kindness by helping the dude out. Krystall Poppin gave the food vendor all the cash she had on her but still wants to help the guy out.

There isn't a lot of nice people in this world but helps us appreciate the nice ones. Huge props though to Krystall Poppin for showing others how El Pasoans treat strangers.

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