Before beginning a heroic story I just have to say props to every hero who stepped up to save another human being. It takes a lot for someone to step up to the plate to battle it out with danger to help out a stranger. So if you've ever been someone's hero, thank YOU for such a heroic act and continue staying brave. But one particular hero I must give major credit to goes to an El Paso Customs and Border Protection officer, Oscar Muniz. He recently pulled off a heroic act in Las Cruces without any hesitation.

He was enjoying an outing on his day off with the family at the park in Las Cruces. He said he heard what sounded to be a little girl screaming for help. Where Oscar Muniz and his family were lounging around at the park blocked Oscar Muniz from seeing where the young girl was. He couldn’t spot where she was from his angle but was trying to locate her based on her screams. So, Oscar Muniz ran towards her screams, and by the time he spotted her she was already head deep in the water. Oscar Muniz didn’t waste another second since he jumped straight in without taking his cell phone out of his pocket or taking off his smartwatch. The girl he jumped in to save was surrounded by algae struggling to stay afloat. But Oscar Muniz didn’t hesitate one second and jumped in to help her out. Once he was able to carefully carry her back to land, she was crying uncontrollably out of fear from what happened.

Oscar Muniz consoled her until she was able to calm down from her near-death experience. Once he was able to calm her down, he had the young child take him to where her parents were. Well, where she remembered where her parents last were, they were nowhere to be found. After searching around for them, Oscar Muniz finally located them and scolded them for leaving their daughter unattended. He explained how he had to jump in to save their little girl that was close to drowning. So to all parents, please always keep a close eye on your children and don't leave them unattended around deep waters.

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